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Eagle Eye
Eagle Eye

Parking Lot Services in Michigan

Don't let debris like broken glass, leaves, and papers accumulate in a parking lot; they create an unsightly appearance and could pose a safety issue that could lead to injuries. Our trained and seasoned professionals use the latest in power sweeping equipment to remove trash and debris from parking lots.

Our state-of-the-art air vacuum sweepers remove unsightly litter, leaves, salt, sand, pebbles, and other debris from your commercial parking lot. Large, visible litter such as cans, cups, bottles, newspapers, and bags are hand-picked from planters and landscaping.  In addition, we use low-noise emitting, environmentally-friendly backpack blowers to perform detailed blowing in areas such as sidewalks and curbs. With every visit, trash can liners are changed and your property is inspected for graffiti and vandalism. We provide quick, efficient, and thorough sweeping services to avoid interrupting the productivity of your business.